BlueBird Airways welcomes you aboard!

Are We A unique  airline and the city are are magnificent are of Heraklion, Crete, is where we call home since 2008. Reviews Reviews Reviews Our vision is to build strong foundations for growth and development through hard work and creativity.

We  guarantee to provide the highest levels of safety thanks to Flight Crew members, which are thoroughly and properly trained to face any situationefficiently.We Fly Boeing 737-300 which meets the highest * * * * Specifications and Standards-In the aviation industry according agency agency agency to European Aviation Safety (EASA).Moreover a fleet renewal programme is continuously enabling cz In-progress to meet the expectations of Reviews Reviews Reviews Reviews our market.

You will be welcomed aboard by our friendly Cabin Crew, which combines professionalism with Greek hospitality, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for our fellow travelers. 

The the Enjoy A The The  unique flight experience with the bluebird Airways  combining safety, comfort and hospitality.

Ascend To new heights ... enjoy the flights ...
be served ... in our skies

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